How can i remove the HDD password ?

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i have set the hard disk drive password
..... so when i turn the system on the computer ask me to put the password be4 accessing to the operating system ...

and the is no problem for me with that but i tried to disable the password ( Don't need to ask me about the password ) But i tried so much >> failier tries so >>.. there some body here can help ??

how can i solve this problem ?????

with a great thanXXXXXXXXXXXXX
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Normally once you enter the correct password and get into the setup, you just have to delete the existing one and shouldn't ask you anymore after that...
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laptop I guess? Take it to the nearest service center for that brand and have them remove it. Make sure you have the original proof of purchase with you. It will cost you, chalk that up to experience.

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thanx 4 replying :

KachiWachi .....
when i enter to the setup there one thing in the security that i can change the entired password to another one that's what can i do .. & there is any option that i can change to disable the pass.. thanx >>>

edwin ....
thsnx 4 that advice & i think i have to do .. no solution only the service center >>>>>>>>>>>>>> thanx alot

with my best wishes :lol:
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If there is a BIOS password and I know what it is, if I want to get rid of it, I change it, enter the old password when asked, and just press ENTER for the new password. This should change it to nothing and the BIOS should not prompt you for a blank password.

If you can do this yourself, the service centre will probably charge you x amount for doing the same thing, which will take them less than 30 seconds once accessing the change password option.
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