To install cdrom in 486 dx2 computer

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Please, I help you to install the cdrom. The discussed computer does not have any optión in the bios setup to do it. Only it has: user, esdi and scsi.
The rom bios is Amibios 41-p400-001437-00101111-101094-486avip-h, release 05/06/96. The chipset are UMC UM8886BF, UM8881F.

I'm sorry, my knowlegments anr no good ( my inglish too).
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That's a PCCHIPS M919 (or M921), but anyway, you won't get to see CDROM as an option in the Standard Menu. The OS (if > Win95) will autodetect it. If not, then the CDROM driver diskette will get DOS to recognize it.

If your intention is to boot from CD, then forget it.
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