P4Rl8 ASUS Bios setting (DRAM CAS FAST or SLOW only?)

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is there any way to quantify what fast or slow is in my bios settings? i have this asus pundit-r with the p4r8l board and some decently fast ram that doesn't come in at the advertised latencies. the mfgr (kingston hyperx) said to manually set them in the bios, but fast and slow are the only options i have. is there anything else i can do?
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if there's no other settings inside and the RAM does not work at either setting it's RMA time and Kingston needs to think of what will work in this board.

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the RAM timings are stored in a NVRAM (read: serial eeprom) that is mounted on the memory module itself. The BIOS _should_ read the timings from there and set the chipset accordingly (or the memory controller in general). anything apart from that is considered over-/underclocking and you shouldn't touch any timings unless you exactly know what you're doing.
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You can use a program like Everest to read the chipset timings after-the-fact.

From here, you *might* be able to determine what "fast" and "slow" actually means number-wise.

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