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Everytime I turn on my power strip the computer comes on for a second or two then goes off. I then power it up normally. Is there a setting I can change to stop it from turning on when I turn on the power strip?
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No. In an ATX system the power supply is controlled by circuitry on the motherboard. When you apply power to the box, the PSU will power up until the motherboard circuitry can initialise and tell the PSU to shut down until the "power button" is pressed.

The other option is that some motherboards can be jumpered to power up straight away when power is applied to the PSU. Check your motherboard manual if you think you would prefer this.
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Some have three options after power recovery :
Always Off - it stays off
Power On - alway poer up
Last State - last state before power loss is used

The Board powering on for some seconds I've seen often with last state setting .
I'm using Off or On but not Last state as this powering on for only some seconds is not good for hdd .
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