System Hardware Controler left enabled & now can't boot?

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I was in Bios to disable the onboard sound card since I installed a Creative 5.1 in the PCI slot. Well at first I couldn't find a way to change the setting to "disable". Then I realized the line above it was "System Hardware Controler". I enabled it and then was able to change the settings for the onboard sound card to "Disable". I didn't change the "System Hardware Controler back to disable as it was originally. I think that created the problem because now I can't seem to boot up. When I turn the computer on I hear a series of beeps and absolutely nothing on the monitor at all. This computer was given to me so I don't have any original disks. I do have a restore floppy when I upgraded to Windows ME. But that does nothing. Everything was fine until I did this.

This is an AMI Bios A5182ms v1.1 110598 Jul15.95....AMDk6-266...running WinMe. This computer was given to me and I've been having fun doing some upgrades. Haven't messed anything up till now.

I did a Google search and looked around but couldn't find anything that pertains to this.

I truely appreciate any advice and information given. I share everything I discover that others might be able to use and of course will do the same with anything I learn from this booboo. :?:
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Try to clear CMOS
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