Can anyone ID my 2A69KC3 mobo?

How-to identify your motherboard ?
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I need to upgrade the BIOS on my motherboard, because it won't recognize my new 40GB HD. Even when I set the primary master to User / LBA, and it gets past that, it hangs at "Detecting IDE Secondary Slave".

The first 5 characters of the motherboard ID string are 2A69KC3. It is an Intel i440BX motherboard, but I don't know manufacturer, and it wasn't on the list. The BIOS is Award 4.51PG.

Can anyone identify this motherboard for me, so I can find the right BIOS upgrade?

Grateful for any advice.
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What about posting FULL BIOS ID :?:
Patched and tested BIOSes are at
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Look at you mainboard !

Either printed onto the Board or there's a small sticker on your flashrom Bios-chip with a printed model number with CT-6BTA as example
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