Cannot indentify motherboard, PLEASE help...

How-to identify your motherboard ?
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Hi there. Could someone please help me identify my motherboard?!

I've used every single motherboard identification program on the net, including AMI's one...

I have the BIOS ID: 51-0703-000000-00111111-071595-41E_43C-MS5169-T99-0. This means the manufacturer's ID is "0000", which AMI have no records of.

I've visited and they couldn't help me either.

I know it has an AMI BIOS, from 1995, and the chips on the motherboard say "Winbond", but Winbond's website has no information about motherboards.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks. :)
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MS5169 = MSI MS5169
There are several sub-revisions of this board.
Check MSI for more information.

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