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#49416 by HMBR
Sat Jun 07, 2008 2:42 pm
#49416 by HMBR
Sat Jun 07, 2008 2:42 pm
Hi, I have this MB with a pentium 166s, 64mb edo ram, cirrus logic 1mb, voodoo II 8mb, first of all, I have a 80gb HD but the mb didn't work with it, so maybe a bios update? the actual bios is from 96.. also looking at the mb I saw that it support 2.5volt and 3x multiplier, 75mhz fsb, I have a k6 II 300 with no use, It will work with 1.5x (3.5x) mutl + 75mhz + 2.5 volt, so 262mhz, a bit of underclock and some overvolt... but will work?
soon as I can I will post some photos...
the bios is:

at the mobo I found this
L-9650 ML-1 94v-8 is that a 530!? 520!? I notice that it have 4 cache chips (512k?) and the place fot the expasion slot doesn't have the slot... 2x sdram, 4x pci, 3x isa... by the bios I can see that it have USB support, doesn't have PS2 connector... but I can see one place where it should be... I found also a v1.3 next to the keyboard connector...
thanks. :D

edit, just remebered, I have also a k6 533mhz, but this is impossible to work?

the problem is I'm not sure if this k6s work anyway, one is at a asus p5a-b, other in a compaq via atx mb, both stop working (they turn on but no sign of life) but I think is the mobos, not the cpus...