I don't know who is Producers and where am I find new bios

How-to identify your motherboard ?
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:cry: I have NoName mainboards.
Id: 61-0527-001437-00111111-071595-ALi1621-11621000-H
On chipsets are lines:
ALi M1621 A0 (9823 TM07 AB512F00000C)
ALi M1543 B1 (9748 TS06 AC 324880000E)
On Chipset AMIBIOS is:
BL 09744
AMIBIOS i probably: 06/22/1998 S
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Go to the following address and select the "Start your journey here if you DO NOT KNOW which board you own!" link and fill the information particular to your board:


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PcChips M726 or M729 but that will be clear after you have visited that page.
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