Flash Upgrade for PC CHIPS board M1531/43 TX PRO

How-to identify your motherboard ?
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I am searching for the MOST RECENT upgrade available for the following board:

Type: AMIBIOS K426618 <-- [ number on the chip]
BIOS Date: 07/15/95
Chipset: ALi M1531
Id No.: 51-0505-001437-00111111-071595-M1531/43-TX-PRO

Based on the 3rd set of number (highlighted above 1437) this identifies the manufacturer as PC CHIPS.

Anyhow, I have checked the PC CHIPS website both USA and TAIWAN and they nolonger list this BIOS in their download section.

Therefore, if any can send me via email a copy of the MOST RECENT one or point me to a site where I can download it. I would be most appreciative.

Thank you!!!

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The quickest way to get support for your board is to properly identify it first. It could be one of 4 possible models.
Identify it at: http://go.to/th2 (DO NOT KNOW section).
Download stuff at: http://go.to/ajz
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