Gateway 2000 Mobo BOIS

How-to identify your motherboard ?
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soldered bios chip? else it's hotflash time.

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Yes, soldered chip. That's why the easiest option I could think of was forcing a checksum error - the bootblock BIOS would start with A16, A17 high (top 64k) and access the rest of BIOS to do the checksum. By detecting A16 or A17 low and pulling a data line low with an open-collector buffer, maybe you can force a checksum error and cause the bootblock recovery procedure to be invoked. Not that I have tried this yet, you understand :)
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I use screwdriver method to force a checksum error sometimes. Using a small screwdriver, short two topmost address pins and power up. After getting BIOS checksum error, remove the screwdriver and flash.
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