"Help needed" S7-MVP3 Rev .I.1

How-to identify your motherboard ?
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What I have been able to find out so far!

This board was sold and installed by "Tiger Direct" into a mini tower in or around the year 1998.

1. S7-MVP3 Rev .I.1 Mainboard
2. VT82C586B / S7-Sb Chip set
3. Award Bios PCI/PNP 586 (verson unknow at this time, not in a box yet).
4. Socket 7 AMD-K6 II 300AFR, 2.2v core, 3.3v I/O

I came by this and a few other P/C goodies from a freind who got them from his sister. Nothing came with any manuals or information. I called and emailed "Tiger Direct" and ran into a big brick wall. I have search the internet for the last two days and have become more confused than when I started.

I would like to flash the bios with the correct update for this mainboard and find board information so I can check to see if all the jumpers are installed correctly before I install it in a box.

Thanks in advance

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Sounds like Visiontop Mainboard .
Try this :
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Thank you for helping me get some more of this old stuff going and sorry it took so long to reply.

I am in hopes to get this box (server) up and running in a few weeks, right now I am trying to get my wife's & kid's box (HP 4550Z) cleaned, debuged, defraged and updated before I try connecting it to the server.



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