m710 or not?

How-to identify your motherboard ?
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Hi, i have a board, that i think is a pc chips m710, my board is igual to m710 in photo but i have a intel 440 ex/lx instead i440bx, this is the only diference.
So could anyone help me, need to know what board is mine, and what cpu does it goes, now i have a pII slot 1 at 333mhz because the board don't recognize more in bios i have the option at 533mhz but never worked i tried with a pIII slot 1 500mhz but this PLEASE BAN ME FOR SWEARING detects only 333mhz, i made up, the bios up date of m710, i tried 990303S.ROM;990401S.ROM;7100728S.ROM none of this PLEASE BAN ME FOR SWEARING can make the clock goes HIGHER.
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From the information I've seen, the M710 does have the i440LX chipset & according to the specs is only good for 333 MHZ.
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The maximum for a M710 is indeed 333MHz. Period.

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Celeron 533 should work too. The board supports 66MHz bus only.
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