manual needed!

How-to identify your motherboard ?
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i need a manual for this board:

L-9702-8 ML-194v-0

intel pci set: sb82437vx

s/n: sm 10277804

pci slots: 4

isa slots: 3

takes 72 pin ram and 128 pin.

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How many SDRAM and EDO slots ?
Anything more printed onto the board which may me something like a model number ?
Is the a revision number onto the Board near the keyboard connector ?
AT or ATX form factor ?
Is there anything printed onto the board near the last ISA slot in the corner or on a sticker on the last ISA Slot ?
Is this Board bootable > Post Bios-ID

Please give as many information as possible !
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Might be one of these:

03/03/97-i430VX-10031996C-00: Eurone model EM-5100V,EM-5200V, EM-5300V, EM-5400V, EM-5500V, EM-5600V, EM-5700V... all the same BIOS.....
or Chicony motherboard or PCChips M530 or Concord COA-530 or Alton Model: MBPTRVX256MB,P5,Triton VX,256K PCB,EID or Houston Technologies Part No.MB-M535PC-256K or Elpina or Pine PT-7502 (rev. 5.0)

Check the PC Chips Lottery (Do Not Know) and enter the specs.
Flash your BIOS at your own risk.
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