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#52826 by vant826
Fri May 29, 2009 3:56 am
Hey guys,

I just came accross a free computer and it seems to be Compaq branded even though it's not in a Compaq computer case. It's pretty worthlessly slow and I think the only way that it might be worth something is if I could overclock it. Currently it has the HP/Compaq BIOS so it is locked from adjustments, would it be possible to use a retail flash on this mobo?

Here are the specs...

BIOS Type: Phoenix-Award
BIOS Date: August 1st 2003
BIOS ID: 08/01/2003-KM266-8235-6A6LVF0BC-00-None
BIOS OEM: Copyright 2003 by Hewlett Packard Company Rev.AM37320 - AM37320
Chipset: VIA 82C3116 rev 0
SuperIO: ITE 8705/SiS 950 rev 2 at port 002E
Manufacturer: Compaq Presario 06
Motherboard: P8655A-ABA S3000Z NA110