PT586-2 mobo ID required

How-to identify your motherboard ?
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trying to identify a board with PT586-2 printed on it. The board is not installed so I can't locate the BIOS number for myself however from another message on a bulletin board they identified it as i430FX- 2A59CP0CC-00 and the winbios page identifies it as a spring circle board.

Having tracked their unofficial web page down, as the company doesn't exist anymore, it doesn’t seem to match any of the items listed.

All the board has printed on it is PT586-2 and it’s a socket 7 board, that’s has two i430 intel triton FX chips in it, 3 ISA slots and 3 PCI slots and 4 memory banks.

Do you have any idea if it’s a spring circle board, if not whose is it? and is so any other information you have on it would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Sam
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PT586-2...looks like a Pine board. I can safely say that it is NOT Spring Circle board (they use S9 manufacturer code). The string looks weird too - P0 is unknown manufacturer code.
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The ID of this motherboard is not CP in 2A59CP0CC-00, it is P0 and it means the producer is Premio.
This motherboard is produced by Premio Company, and their link is;

The Premio Company sells full system PC's and :D is one of their motherboards. This motherboard has 2 bios versions; AMI and AWARD; everything on the board is same but bios. AMI version is denoted by Premio FX 200B/5120 code and AWARD version is denoted by Premio Denali 200A code. The bios for both versions can be downloaded from;

The manual is the same for both of them also; but it is only given with the AMI version, jumper settings are safely applicable for AWARD version too. It can be downloaded from;

Select Premio 200B/5120 here. You'll get a self extractible file containing 7 JPG files, that are pages scanned from the original manual.

This motherboard can accomodate 75, 90, 100, 120, 133, 150 and 166MHZ CPU's only.
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manual link gives a 404....

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