Put same system back together now won't work

How-to identify your motherboard ?
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I bought a new system and decided to get my old one going again so put it back together put the same cd -rom that I was using in my new sys back into it,a secondhand floppy(which has tested ok),turned it on and the drive comes up as primary slave,it doesn't recognize the cd-rom and I get the message " boot disk failure,insert system disk",do that and get message that it's got the driver for the cd-rom but then "no drives found,aborting installation".
Run fdisk,get message, error no fixed disk found.
I hooked the two computers together and checked the drives for viruses which was ok.
I copied win98 to that drive from main computer and had that going but couldn't get the cd-rom to go, strange, as it was all working ok.
So i formatted that drive disconnected the computers and was going to setup win98se,turned it on, exactly the same.
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Check jumpers and cables of your HDD/CDROM !
With 80 wire UDMA cable use blue end at mainboard and black end at master drive - if WD drive with no other drive on the same cable do not set Master or slave jumpers
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