Strange RAM prob vs. wrong mobo ID...

How-to identify your motherboard ?
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I was given a mobo by a friend, and I'm having trouble w/ the RAM. As far as I can tell, it is a Abit VA6, so I've DL'd the manual. It has a Via Apollo Pro 133 chipset, and should be able to use PC-133 RAM, in chunks up to 256 MB per chip. Prob is, when I boot up, it only recognizes half of that (128 MB). I've thrown a couple different 256 M chips at it, Kbyte and PNY. Same results. Maybe I got the mobo ID wrong, but it sez "VA6" stamped right onto the mobo, and the manual certainly corresponds to what I see in front of me. Here's the ID code that pops up when I bootup:


I'd wonder about updating the BIOS, except that the manual itself sez I should be able to use/see the full capacity of this RAM right out of the box. (Unless, of course, I somehow got the mobo model wrong).

Any help would be much appreciated here. Thx.
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there are other memory manufacturers/resellers, but in the details section you can see what to look for. Most likely you got incompatible modules...

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