#60271 by blckmorning
Mon Jan 06, 2014 10:02 pm
Been searching through the forum and Google non stop, and can't seem to find any answer to my motherboard.
Background, this MB is from an early 2000's HTPC, the board has a manufacture date of December 7th, 1999.
It came with a version of Windows 98 SE.

Board has the following on the back of it.
2 Serial ports
1 S-video
1 Composite
1 IR In
1 set Component output
2 Firewire
1 Audio Optic
1 Audio Coax

BIOS Chip: AM29F002T-120JC
Processor: AMD/Socket 7
RAM: Single slot
PCI: Single slot (with a a riser)
Single IDE HD port
Single IDE CD port

When I run the Bios wizard I get:
BIOS ID: Unknown
BIOS Date: 02/15/00
BIOS Signon: Uknown
BIOS Type: PhoenixBIOS 4.0 Release 6.0
Super I/O: VIA 686 rev 27 found at port 2h
Chipset: VIA 82C598 rev 4
OEM Signon: <Blank>

And that's it.... any ideas? I was able to get a dump of the bios using Flashrom, because originally I was trying to get the USB to turn on on boot, but of course this one is so old, it doesn't have that option. I wanted to see if there was a bios update, but can't since the "BIOSAgent Plus" utility that Phoenix makes you use, isn't compatible with Windows 98 or Linux, and can't get the system to upgrade past 98 SE.