#51921 by striders
Sat Jan 31, 2009 9:09 pm
I have an Alienware Area51-m 766

The bios ID is
63-0100-000001-0010111-032305-SIS648FX-1abfs001-y2kc 423c

I noticed that it doesn't follow the standard AMI BIOS convention (it is an AMI BIOS)

Which tells me that the chipset is an SIS648FX northbridge chipset. Poking around has led me to the Uniwill site which shows me a list of P4 motherboards but there's no way for me to tell which one short of disassembling the laptop which I'm not quite ready to do.

I'm looking for an older/alternate bios for it (Im currently at 1.21W from the Alienware website, but I'm looking to roll back to somewhere around 1.16)