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How-to identify your motherboard ?
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Hi all

I have been thinking about upgrading to Windows Xp Upgrade for a while now, the only problem would be, I'm not really that great when it comes to computers.

I would say my machine is about 5-6 years old. I am currently using Windows 98, with IE 6, Intel Pentium II, operatiing at 400mhz and 384mb ram. are these eoungh for me to use Windows Xp? or will i just buy a new machine, since my current machine seem to be giving me a lot of trouble lately.

On a different disscusion board i was told to check if my machine was up to date with the latest drivers,.

everything looks spot on except for the BIOS Date bit, its Recommended that you have 01/01/2000, but mine is 03/25/98. I have identified from the user guide manual that I have Packard Bell MediaBlaster Motherboard:


· Intel System BIOS with Phoenix core
· 2Mbits Flash Device with boot block.
· APM 1.2
· PCI auto-configuration utility.
· Windows 98 ready Plug and Play 1.0a
· System Bios Shadowing
· DMI 2.0
· PCI IDE support
· CD-Rom Boot support (El Torito v1.0)
· Supports boot password protection
· BIOS Recovery and Password Clear
· Multiple language support

Bios Ver 4S4EBOX1.11A.003.P02

Phoenix 4.0 Release 6.0

So how do I update the BIOS? Do I to go Intel are Phoenix core, or somewhere else... or how do i even know if this is even my motherboard.
some advice would be great.


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Packard Bell 870, OEM version of Intel SE440BX, P12 is the latest bios ever released:

You can run XP on that but don't expect it to be a speed monster...

Do not assume anything

System error, strike any user to continue...
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