Request help finding jumper settings or a motherboard manual.
#12751 by old_shtuff
Sun Jan 19, 2003 1:31 pm
Hi there,

My 486 apparently has a QDI V4P895GRN mo/bo, which is based on the OPTi 895 chipset and seems to be a later revision, since it has 4 PS/2 SIMM sockets only (and thus differs from the 2 PS/2 plus 4x 30-pin versions found in Total Hardware 99) and came with a V1.3 BIOS from July '95. (I've already located V1.4 via FTP search, I guess I'll need some older AMI flash utility?) I'm running an AMD 5x86-133 on it now, but have been unable to activate write-back mode for the L1 cache. When I set the jumper for "3X CLK for AMD CPU", write-back works, but this setting is not compatible with "2X CLK for Intel DX4" (no POST), which is needed to run the processor at full speed (2X=4X, else 3X). Now I found out that there used to be a file describing the jumper settings on the QDI FTP years ago (along with the less interesting for the older version), but this is long gone. I've searched with various FTP search engines and all, but have been quite unable to locate this file. Any clues on what I could try next?