Updating your Intel SSD firmware for better performance

We’ve just posted our first Wim’s BIOS video on YouTube! In the video we show step-by-step how to update the firmware of your Intel SSD (Solid State Drive)
The newest release adds some performance improvements in the NCQ area, so it’s a good idea to update to squeeze the best performance out of your drive!

The firmware update essentially boils down to the following steps:

  1. Download the Intel SSD firmware ISO file
  2. Burn the ISO file to a CD. (preferably a CDRW or DVD-RW so you’ll be able to reuse the CD again for other purposes)
  3. Boot your PC from the CD
  4. Follow the instructions to flash the new SSD firmware to your drive
  5. Reboot and enjoy 🙂

AMD 790FX chipset id

After the Intel X38 chipset we’ve now added the first motherboard identification strings for the AMD 790FX chipset. (which supports AMD Phenom AM2 processors)

The chipset can be identified by the 6A66A Award chipset code as shown below:

This code is used for the Gigabyte GA-MA790FX-DQ6 (PCB: 1.0) motherboard.

Check our AMD 790FX chipset page for more BIOS IDs.

Compaq/HP A8AE-LE BIOS v3.14

People using the Compaq/HP A8AE-LE motherboard may have noticed very slow performance with BIOS v3.13 (the latest version available on the HP site) due to the system taking 60% to 100% of CPU cycles even at idle time.

BIOS v3.14 fixes this problem, but is unfortunately not yet available. Edwin, one of the moderators at Wim’s BIOS Forum can email you this version if needed. Head over to the forum thread and send edwin a PM to ask for the BIOS.

Vote Top5 of new features on Wim’s BIOS site!

Wim’s BIOS Page is now online for more then 11 years, but it is still alive and kicking in 2007 🙂 While we’re now mainly focussing on adding AMI and Award BIOS Identification strings we have a lot of future ideas for the site.

Please let us know what you think is still missing on the site (eg. an example could be downloadable motherboard manuals). You can use the comments system on this blog to react!

Thanks! Wim

How to replace integrated chipsets’ video bios with a newer one?

As you may know, PCI/AGP and PCI-Express video cards use their own BIOS apart from the mainboard’s BIOS to enable their capabilities. A lesser known fact is that motherboards which use integrated VGA chipsets also have a video BIOS, but here it is stored inside the main motherboards BIOS as a module.

As on every vga card updated video bioses may help with resolving display problems. A famous example is the missing WXGA display resolution on some integrated SIS chipsets.

This How to (written by cp) will replace the integrated chipset’s video BIOS in your mainboard BIOS with a newer version. Check the link to read more!

How to replace integrated chipsets’ video bios with a newer one?

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