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Discusses BIOS flashers and utilities from Award, AMI and Uniflash
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I would like to flash my BIOS ( I need it to support HDD over 32GB) and I have few question (it is my first time and I thinking of doing flash for long time but I need new HDD_existing is with low capacity). I have latest BIOS upgrade but I don't have existing BIOS. If something go wrong or I woudn't be happy with BIOS upgrade how can I return to use my old BIOS version (can I somehow take it from my BIOS EPROM_to have back-up before flash or I must find it on the internet)? And what is the risk if I stay out of power supply during the flashing (it happens very rearly but who knows :))? Is it better to find UPS just in case? Is it safe to flash from floppy (posibillity of bad sectors or something like that)?Thanks in advance.
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