Merging IDE controller card bios to AMIbios for FIC VB-601-V

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I am using amibcp to do this, and I have run into problems. Here is a copy of my email to highpoint tech support.

I have been trying to combine the highpoint-tech biosv12.rom file for their HPT371 UDMA/ATA133 Controller with the QC6172.rom bios file for my FIC VB-601-V motherboard, which was provided by the motherboard manufacturer's website.

I have been able to flash the QC6172.rom bios into the motherboard using the F82725.exe amiflash program for amibioses. Without modifications it works fine.

The problem arises when I use amibcp75.exe to combine the rocket 133s biosv12.rom module (from the highpoint website) into the QC6172.rom bios. Here is what I do:

1. Load QC6172.rom
2. select Edit Bios Modules.
3. Insert the biosv12.rom into the bios. I then set the following options:
A. Module ID = 20h PCI AddOn ROM
B. compressed = yes
C. PCI Device ID= 0007h
D. PCI Vendor ID= 1103h
4. Save these changes to a new .rom file
5. Flash that file using F82725.exe (the latest amiflash utility.) The flash happens without error, and it tells me to reboot the computer.

When I reboot, the bios doesn't come up, and it beeps once and checks the floppy disk until I insert a disk with the backed-up bios on it, which it then loads back on and reflashes.

I have been able to make other changes to the bios and flash them in (such as boot up strings) and have them work properly. I have not yet been able to insert a module and have the bios start properly.

Could you instruct me on how to add the module properly to my motherboard bios so that it will be able to start up without problems?

Amibcp seems like it would be the right utility for the job, but I don't know the meaning of most of the different Module IDs and fields. Is there some sort of help written about this program?

Was I right in choosing 20h PCI AddOn Rom as the module ID? (That was the default.) What are the PCI Device and Vendor ID values for? (Those were also the defaults; I assume they were gleaned from the .rom file.)

What about a module added into the bios could cause the bios not to start up properly?

I appreciate all the bios pros' insights.
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