Modbin6 1.00.45 existing somewher

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I found this throug a websearch - a release.txt mentioning modifications done with Modbin6 1.00.45 .
So I hope that someone leakes this little proggie to the public ..... . ... elease.txt
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Heh. You can always email them and ask. :wink:
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That's my first posting on the BBS of this nice and helpfull site. :)

I know the Modbin v1.00.48, and it was avaliable on this link:
On that above link Modbin v4.50.82a was also avaliable to.

But I have both of theses on my HD! :wink:
If you and others want theses I can e-mail theses for all of you. Also, I have some MBs of many BIOS related programs and can send theses (before that please check your mail box size).

PS1: Sorry for my english, my native language is portuguese and I not know much of english.
PS2: I expect when doing that I'm not breaking the rules of this BBS... else this post will need erasing.
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