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Sat Oct 25, 2003 3:21 pm
Uniflash Website (currently offline) -- Uniflash Website via Internet archive
-> Download version 1.40 here

What is Uniflash - ?

"UniFlash is a flash utility, that can flash BIOS on many boards.
UniFlash is made to be universal - this can be useful when you're hot-flashing your bios in another motherboard.
Not only that - it supports some PCI cards too and also supports c't Flasher ISA card"

The original Uniflash up to version 1.17 was created/developed by Pascal Van Leeuwen and Galkowski Adam.
Starting with 1.18 development now continues by Ondrej Zary (Rainbow) from Rainbow Software .

Visit the website and read lots of Information !

Especially for older Boards it's an easy to use flashprogram but new chipsets are supported,too (read compatibility list) .

Uniflash gives you the option to flash AMI or Phoenix Bios on a mainboard that uses Award Bios or vice versa (needed for Hotflashing damaged Flashroms from other mainboards).

Please make sure you read the documentation (Uniflash.doc downloaded with Uniflash program) before using Uniflash to avoid problems while or after flashing !!
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