Don't ask how to over-clock.
#2458 by jesterabk
Sat May 18, 2002 8:29 am
I have a PCChips Motherboard M571 V. 3.2A and currently running Win. 98 SE with a 233 Mhz processor, 80 MB RAM.

Two weeks ago, I bought a Buslink Internal 32:12:40X CD-RW and have been using it and it has been working, but occasionally slowing my system down. I just found out from the company that I meet all the system requirements except one: a minimum processor speed of 266 Mhz, and I only have the 233 Mhz.

The tech. person from the co. says I should upgrade because it could strain my system over time. Another tech person from a local computer co. I spoke with where they rebuild computers said that if I run the CD-RW by itself with nothing else running in the background, there shouldn't be a big diff. between 233 and 266...

I don't have much technical knowledge to know and would like some advice on this. And, if I do upgrade to 266 Mhz., can I do that with my motherboard? Would I have to upgrade the bios if I change the CPU from 233 to 266? And, is it easy to do? Also, if I should upgrade, where in the world does one get 266 Mhz processors? Apparently, new ones aren't that easy to come by...

Again, I don't have much technical experience with hardware yet and would need some help/guidance to change the CPU. (I probably could find a friend to help if it was too much for a rookie like me to do.)

Thanks in advance for addressing these questions.