Don't ask how to over-clock.
#27635 by jamsah
Tue Sep 28, 2004 12:09 am
Dear All,

My Cyrix 6x86MX PR333 CPU (83MHz Bus 3.0X) does not work when Bus Clock Setting jumper set to 3 and Bus/Core Multiplier Setting jumper is set to 3. That's, 83MHzx3 = 249MHz(PR333). PC boots boots up first. Then somewhere after the first POST sceen into Windows startup 'registry problem ...' or similar error message appears then disappears (sometimes after I press a key (sorry I can not remember)).
Windows continues loading ... all the way to the main Desktop.

But then, suddenly (and sometimes immediately) 'Windows Registry Problem ... Restart You Machine' or similar error message appears. Here, the only option is to click OK which restarts my PC. It then goes ALL over again!

At the moment I am running at 75MHzx3 = 225.5MHz (PR300).
But I want to utilise this higher 83MHZ FSB that my CPU supports.
And my m/b supports (according to Time Computers who got it TERRIBLY wrong the MAX RAM this m/b supports) 66MHZ, 75MHZ and 83MHZ bus speeds. My m/b did not come with any manual. Only with user folder Full of Errors and designed for ALL ECS boards by Time!
And the same is true if I try to find any info of this m/b from ECS/Elite, on the WWW or anywhere else.

Any help from anyone, please.

CPU overheating? Or am I missing something eg FSB setting etc?