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#29577 by xsitez
Mon Feb 07, 2005 9:02 pm
Hi there

I have a problem. I unfortunately put a wrong rear-USB-bay (+cable) to my Mainbaord GA-586 TX3 Rev. 1.09. When switched on the part with the print "L5" besides the USB connector burned. :? The mainboard is still running fine, but the part is blown. The USB is dead. :cry:

Can anyone please help me identifying what this was so I can exchange it with a new one :?:

It is located directly besides the USB-board-plug between the the PCI3- and PCI4-slot and the keyboard controller chip. Its size is about (or better was about) 0603 (If anyone can use this information). and it was gray, like the L6 on the other side of the plug....

Please help me.

Thank you very much.