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#48893 by JEWilson
Fri Apr 11, 2008 6:18 pm
CPU upgrade issue. Sorry can't attach jumper settings
from manual.

I purchased a mobile Athlon XP with a Barton Core
Model # - AXMA2600FKT4C

Installed in the mobo and posts as a Mobile Athlon 800MHz

The mobo auto detects the part at six times multiplier.
The mobo has DIP switches for setting the FSB and the multiplier.

The mobo is set a FSB 133MHz and the multiplier set at auto.

Problem - When set as above, bios id's mobile athlon 800MHz.
If I manually set the jumper to x12 - the bios id's an Athlon XP 2100+
Despite repeated attempts, the multiplier cannot synthesis a
15x mult, that is, the actual multiplier for the Barton XP-M.

As position 5 is used for auto, the DIP switch has a further position
6 which appears to be unused. Position 1 is used for a 0.5 mult

So... positions 2, 3 and 4 determine the multiplier and being 8
possible settings are available, the max. mulitplier on this mobo
is 12 (plus 0.5 of course for position 1 on the DIP switch).
This accounts for a mult of 5 to 12 inclusive.

It appears the auto setting cannot ID the barton XP-M part.

So... it appears, in order to get the XP-M to be correctly identified,
I would require possibly, a microcode update to the BIOS to enable
the BIOS to do this correctly and automatically.
I recall doing a uCode upate with intel parts but not AMD.
Is it possible?

As it has been sometime since I posted here, apologies in advance
if my intent is erroneous.

I acknowledge prior posts in respect of mobile bartons.
I have reviews these in turn.
Being as the barton mobile starts at 6x mult per PowerNow!
Is there alternative methods available for auto CPU detect
to id the CPU at full rated speed?

It may be, the recent F8a beta bios as I have applied for the mobo recongises Bartons. Dunno.

The problem with the DIP switch only allowing, what appears to be
a max. mult of 12.5x may be an oversight on my part.
Please, not the actual DIP SW (mult cannot be set in the BIOS)
has an further position 6 (one extra over and above the 5 in the

I do not know if this is used in any way. Suggestions?

I cannot discern if there is a pattern to DIP SW settings for the
multiplier - does no make any sense!

Thanks for your consideration