Don't ask how to over-clock.
#28671 by AtullGupta
Fri Dec 17, 2004 5:25 pm

I have tried to install a Pentium 200 MMX processor with a J-656HXA motherboard, which says that it takes 200 MHz processors, although it doesn't specify MMX.

Looking on the Intel website - it APPEARS that all 430HX chipsets take Pentium MMX's, which is what this board has.

But when I put mine in, itt worked for a while and I got the impression that it was overheating - eventually I got a blank screen upon bootup. Putting a 133 PI in, and adjusting the jumper settings accordingly - its working again.

The MMX processor was registered and recognised by the PC when booting previously, but I am worried about putting it back in again, in case the same thing happens.

I've read on the Intel website that you need two voltage regulator jumpers on the main board if it accepts MMX processors.

Can anyone gve me the bottom lie on compatibility - the board is a Jetway J-656HXA.