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#57750 by 3dfx
Tue Dec 13, 2011 1:24 pm
Hello everybody!

I am having problems in executing one specific Option ROM on a UEFI based Asrock z68 Pro3 motherboard.
When installed one IT8212F based RAID controller prevents the whole system from booting. The same RAID controller works fine on every other (non-UEFI) motherboard that I tried. The problem shouldn't be hardware related, because other Option ROMs (for example ATASX or a PXE ) flashed to the same controller work fine. This makes me to believe that maybe there is some sort of memory addressing issue. The $PnP and PCIR headers in the binary look fine to me. Unfortunately I don't have the experience to figure the problem out on my own.
Would you, please, give me any ideas how can I search for the root of the problem? What is the correct way to debug Option ROM at specific environment (because in qemu with SeaBIOS it also loads fine)

I have attached the binary. Thank you in advance!