S4 RTC Wake-up power-on problem in E7500/ICH3-S Chipset

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Hi all,
I'm having a problem in making the RTC Alarm wake-up a plumas (E7500) board with ICH3-S, and I hope any of you will be able to give a possible solution for it.
As soon as the RTC Alarm timer is expired and the alarm generates a wake-up event, the system powers up from S4 to S0 visibly . Please remember, I'm using a Intel's In-target probe that has break-point set to the reset vector, so that, as aoon as the system powers-up and CPU starts executing the reset vector (4G - 10h), the CPU PROBE will break the execution much like a debugger trap will do.
But in the RTC alarm wake-up case alone, the execution does not breaks at the Reset Vector, but the execution proceeds upto a point after which it starts looping around a particular code. Because of the CPU and the Probe lost track with each other, it is impossible to trace the exact segment in which it ends up.

here the ITP reports the error as soon as the Power is supplied:
ERROR #6459
Timed out while waiting for target to reset.

Af I issue a hard reset, or I wake from S4 using power-button, this problem does not arise.

I guess, the reset timing (Chipset resume Power-up timing from S4) is not proper, so in such a case I'm looking for right chipset configuration (possibly timing parameters) fix that could cure this problem. Please recall if any of the issues that you might have encountered in your experience resembles this defect. Any kind of suggestions is most welcome.

Thanks in advance.
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