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#24899 by omario4
Mon Apr 05, 2004 8:03 pm
here's something to give some background to my problem. I was in advanced settings in bios and changed shared memory to 0. I don't k now why i did, probably just to see what would happen. i was told that's the memory for my video adapter. ok so when i saved it and left my monitor displays these weird colors and stripes. I cannot do anythin. so i figure ok i'll clear the cmos settings.

I plug out everything from my computer and then take the bios battery out and left it overnight. next day i place it back in and boot up my computer. i still have the same problem. it did not clear my cmos settings. So my only recourse is to use the clear jumper.

i'm not sure exactly what my motherboard is called. i guess i'll just quote the cover of the manual. "Socket 370 M754LMR USER'S MANUAL". I think it's a pc133 motherboard as well. the clear jumper is labelled "JP9". I have an AMIBIOS.

there are 3 pins. the clear jumper in its position is in 1-2. i moved the clear jumper to 2-3. i left it there for several seconds then placed it back into its normal position. i plug everything back in and boot up the computer. it does nothing. there is no beep and my computer no longer displays those weird colors nor anything at all. I'm given advice on a tech support forum to boot my computer up with the clear jumper in the clear position (2-3). I do that and it beeps and starts up. it gives me two options:F1 setup and F2 load default settings and continue. F1 setup takes me to the bios settings where i can change what i want. shared memory is set to 16. i check everything else and besides the bios cacheable which is set to enabled(it's normally set to disabled. that's what it shows it as in my manual) everything else is normal. I save and exit. i wait and windows loads. windows is loaded up stuck in 16 colors and my mouse is not functional at all. i shut down my computer from windows and unplug everything. i set the clear jumper back into its normal position. i plug everything back in and boot up. i get a blank. my computer powers on but there's no beep and nothing is displayed on my monitor.

A friend of mine told me flashing bios would reset the values and boot up my computer normally with the clear jumper in the normal position. I googled 'flash bios' was taken to this website. I read the faq and then came into the forum to ask for help. will bios flashing help me out with my problem?

sorry if there's too many words. i have a limited vocabulary and wish to give as much specifics as i can.