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#45384 by KenH
Fri Jul 06, 2007 6:15 pm
I recently took posession of a bag of proms ranging from 27c256 through
to 39sf020 in dip package, & about 20 plcc late chips...
I usually erase chips before storing them but got to wondering if
perhaps any of the roms on them might be sought after,
there's about 8 x 486 eproms the rest are 586\686...
I can pull the roms with a programmer before erasing them, any takers.?

I just saved the 386\486 bios's before erasing the chips..
One of them is a Mr_Bios rom..
The strings are as such



Can't find a string in the Mr_Bios rom, the chip has Hippo-DCA1 V1.1
written on it...

Any takers.