BIOS Questions that don't belong in the other forums. Read them!
#15261 by mragjr
Sun Mar 30, 2003 10:47 pm
I'm new to this Board and in a way sort of hope I'm quickly gone. This Bios stuff scares me, but I'm at wits end.

Two years ago, local pc shop assembled unit for me: WinMe, Athlon 1 Gig, two 30 GB HD in Raid, 512 RAM, DVD, CD-RW. Award bios and I believe KT7A board, via chip set. I added IEEE1394 card about a year ago. That was the last card I was successful at. Three months ago tried to add a USB2 card-neither Adaptec nor SIIG could figure problem out (I bought two different cards;system became screwy). Tried to add a Belkin network card and system crashed immediately. Gave up on PCI. Now am trying to add a USB wireless network adapter as USB works for a camera and a thumb drive and it's not a PCI slot. Both Microsoft and Netgear stumped-when USB wireless adapter installed, both IE6 and Netscape 7 say thay have error and close. System Restore brings everything back.

Does this sound like a bios problem? Should I say "should have bought a Dell? Many thanks.