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#17110 by Denniss
Sat Jun 07, 2003 1:11 am
There are some very dangerous Viruses spreading out in the net (Bugbear / Sobig / W32Blast + variants and more) often using known Security leaks/issues within IE/Outlook or Windows
Please use Windowsupdate to get the most recent Security fixes for Windoze/IE/Outlook !
Use Auto/Liveupdate to update your Antivirusprogram/Firewall with the latest Patches/Upgrades/Virus Signature(Pattern) files !

->> Please do this frequently 1x/week !!!
On infected systems it's possible Firewalls/Antivirusprograms are prevented from running or re-installing - some Viruses/Worms recognize and disable or bypass them !

Recently discovered Virus Threats + Virus Info:
Symantec - Bitdefender - Mcafee/Network Associates - Trendmicro - Panda

Antivirus-software (Scanner + Removal tools + Signature/Pattern files) :Spyware/Adware/Malware/Dialer Removal :
Alternative/Secure Internet-Browsers :
Opera - Mozilla
Mozilla Firebird - Mozilla Stand-Alone Browser
Mozilla Thunderbird - Mozilla Stand-Alone Mail

Firewalls (free for private use) :
Kerio - Zonealarm - Outpost
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