Dual Boot problem

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I had dual boot system.

On the Primary Master I had one HDD 60GB and on the Primary Slave I had HDD 20GB.I first instal WIN Xp on the HDD 60GB and after few months I Instal Win 98 on the second HDD 20GB.And of course at the begining of booting I had choice to set win XP or 98 to start.First choice was 98 becouse I install it latter (I think).But few days a go I removed my second HDD (and I don't mean to put it back becouse I gave it) and on the begining of booting the choice is stil there and if I dont fast move down to start XP there is a mesage : "There is no HDD. Check boot root and bla bla bla..restart).I think when I installed second OS my root of booting is somewhere on my Primary HDD 60GB and I think that is the reason of staying dual boot choise after I removed second HDD. Do anybody has idea where is in Win XP registry table of boot rooting to remove boot choise (dual boot) to return my system do the state before instaling second OS?Thanks.
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I think the boot menu information is found in BOOT.INI, CONFIG.SYS and/or AUTOEXEC.BAT.

If you find it in BOOT.INI, I do not think that file is required for a non-multi-boot system under Win9x, so you SHOULD be able to safely delete the file, but do not quote me on that. Wait until you get a second opinion before you touch BOOT.INI.
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