flash failure + boot block error: need a flashing device!!!!

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Unrealll wrote:NickS: I live in Canada
Ah, I won't offer to flash it for you then.
Someone knows where I can find docs on how to build my own home made PLCC adapter?
As far as I know, connect PLCC pin 1 to DIL pin1, etc. I have bought a PLCC socket so that I can make my own PLCC_DIL adapter but I have not found time do do it yet. A professionally made adapter varies in cost here, from about 15 UKP upwards.
except the c't flasher, which "flashing device" would you recommend? (for around lets say 60 to 100$ max (us dollars or euros)? And which one offers the best software included?
I'll pass on that, as I have been fortunate enough to have access to professional equipment until recently. Now I use an old motherboard, like joegib.
Last question: do you think I can build a c't flasher COMPLETELY by myself (without having to buy the full pre-fab kit) from an old ISA board I will convert (I'll use an old ISA board to have the right thickness for the board but EVERYTHING was removed from this board, except the contacts for the ISA slot, I will need them, of course)?
Yes. Are you sure there aren't buffers on the board you could use ? I have an ISA protoyping board somewhere and I have thought I might build one myself - another task with insufficient priority while I can flash in this old motherboard.
There are some schemas on their website that apperently shows the conception of the board. Are they complete?
I thought they were when I last checked, but maybe I'll take another look.
P.S. sorry if my english is not fully elegant, this isn't my native language...
Perfectly adequate, in my humble opinion :)
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