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#14141 by Unrealll
Wed Feb 26, 2003 7:34 am
I own a AOpen AX64 Mobo with bios rel 1.10 (4.5PG)
I recently flashed my MB bios to a "customized" one. I forgot to unlock
access to my peripherals menu so I flashed back the bios with the original
one. Something went wrong and my PC had the classical behaviour resulting
after a bad flash.

I tryed to use the "safe bios" method (ie a keyboard, a floppy and a ISA
graphic controler, NOTHING more installed) and I was able to access
Bootblock bios for recovery. But I had this screen printed:

Award Bootlock Bios v1.0
Copywright (c) 1998, Award Software, Inc.

Bios Rom Checksum Error

Detecting Floppy Drive A Media
Drive A error. System Halt.

(add the beep beeps comming after ;) )


I remarked that the computer doesn't seem to try to access the floppy (led not active on the floppy)

What could cause that??

So I was lucky and found another Mobo, identical to the one I have "broken"
(AX64 in both cases)
In both cases, the bios chip is soldered onboard.

Is there a way to use the "shadow Bios to ram, swap good chip with the bad
one then flash" method to flash my old chip with the correct bios WITHOUT
having to remove the chips on both boards (remember they are soldered on
board. I want to avoid the risks to destroy my new Mobo because of such a
delicate operation)

I would really appreciate an answer to these questions.
where can I buy a bios flasher device (eprom or eeprom burner, such as c't flasher for example but that is documented in english instead of german AND that is not too expensive)