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#5422 by cyberbum
Thu Jul 18, 2002 11:47 pm
has anyone attempted the trick in faq 23.
"How to flash an Intel AMI BIOS on an Intel OEM board ? (e.g. when you have BIOS 1.00.xx.CB0H and want to update to a 1.00.xx.CB0 BIOS)."

I'm trying to do that on a pd440fx gateway board #4000273, gateway
dont have a bios update, and Intel's site says with BIOS version
1.00.09.DT0 it'll support the PII 333mhz. orig. bios is 1.00.01.DTOT.
using intels IFLASH utility packed with bios 1.00.09.DT0

I tried just flashing the bios with no luck.
got "(L05)unable to prepare for flash erasure."
"(H05)initialization for flash programing failed."

Since then, I found faq 23, and attempted to change the .bio and .bi1
file like the faq said, (replace the "DT0 " including the space, with
"DT0T", I did that in only those 2 files. attempted the flash but got
"(H20)flash data image size does not match size specified in header"
"(H01)The flash data image read from the disk was found to be not valid."

the .bio file size is fine, but the .bi1 file changes size.
the problem I think is that when I replace DT0space with DT0T and save
the file it changes the byte size, which I think creates this error,
It even changes the byte size just by opening the file, doing NO changes
then saving it.
Does anyone know of a editor, that would allow me to change the file,
and not change the byte size?
Any comments, suggestions, or reccomendations would be greatly appreciated.

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