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#2614 by mrgordie1
Tue May 21, 2002 2:41 pm
Please help !!!!!!!!
OK I keep this error message on one of my PC's
Bios(62): Hard disk 1 Failure, Status=20h
Bios(23): Hard disk init Failed

I have taken hard disk out and boots up fine on other computors
Tried two different hard drives still get same error messages
both these hard drives boot up fine in other computors
Have tried boot up disks can get into C:\ drive but when I execute win file I get a blue screen something about VFAT error

could anybody have some thoughts on this
Ok it is a Fujitsu ErgoPro e
It has a OPTI chipset
HDD is a western Digital Caviar 21600
I have tried a western Digital Caviar 26400 and a Quantum Big foot and the 3 hard drives boot up fine in 2 other computors
I cant get into the Bios set up it is passworded and have not been able to beat it yet so I cant change anything