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#23819 by maanse
Sun Feb 22, 2004 8:41 am
Hallo, I am trying to rebuild a PIII /450 system Ussing older parts but it (the system to be build) is not working along.
It is a Soyo Sy-6VBA133 bord having the latest (asfar as i know) flash (VBA-2BAB).
On the board a PIII 450 Intel Cpu is ussed ant also recognised.
The Mem modules tryed out are 128 PC 100, aswell as 128 an 256 PC 133 SDRAM (not in combi with eatchother).
Trying out everinthing a used the ram-mambanks as should be, but also from up to down.(There is now different in the results)
Tryed already different Cd readers (in between an old 24 speel Creative up to the newest available DVD player).
Different Hdd's passed the lineup.
A (installed working Win 98SE) 650 Mb is starting up until the second time you can see the Windows 98 startscreen, and freeses on that screen however, the running line at the bottom of the screen is not frozen.

I just made a new try usssing a 8 GB hdd and a setup cd for Win XP prof.
System checkout >> no problems found.
Asking if the Hdd may be made ok for install.
Started to read all the needet information.
Formated the disk in NTFS.
Starting the install.
At a certain moment a blue screen is showen, telling me.

A problem is found Windows is shutdown to avoid for damage:


If this is the first time you see this stop error restart the system.
If thescreen is showen more often the best you do is:
Check all hardware and software that it is onstalled at the right way.
If it is a new system ask for the resailer if you need new updates or so.
If the problem is staying you should remove all new hardware and software or switch them of.
Disable bios-memorieoptions like caching or making shadowcopys.
If you need to use safemode to to swtch of or remove things, you have to reboot the pc and start up in safe mode.
Technical info:
0x0000007A (0xc03F0F30,0X000000E,0XFC3CCFB2,0X05A5F860)
*** ftdisk.sys - Address FC3CCFB2 base at FC3C0000, Datestamp 3b7d8419

Anybody to help me out here?

Hope so,