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#2370 by fordisand
Wed May 15, 2002 10:59 pm
Hi all.

Celeron 600,
Mobo : ECS p6stp-flc, all a/v/network onbord,
Ram: 128
HD: 10G

problem : Unable to access Drive a:

On boot up (the sequence is a:/c:), the LED of the floopy goes on momentary and then goes to c: . In BIOS and DOS, there's Drive a: but when you try to access it, it will spin a long time and says " retry, ignore....". When in Windows 98,window explorer says something like " drive a: not ready" when you click drive a:.

I also connected a known working floppy to the ribbon as drive b: , dos and windows listed it as such but when you try to access it, the same old story again.

I am quite sure that the ribbon cable is good, the pin connection is correct and the contacts are good.

I recently has a faulty Power Supply and this happen when I boot up the pc for the first time .

Could it be something to do with the bios/cmos being damaged ? Or do you suspect the mother board being damaged by the PSU in the first place?