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#9295 by djwhite
Thu Oct 10, 2002 12:34 pm
I have new PC configuration:OS Win 98,M/B Gigabyte 8IE,Celeron 1.7GB,256DDRKingstone,30GB Maxtor,Teac 52x,PixelView GeForce 2 mx 400 32MB.Prolink modem 56k int. but I have some problems(probable of software nature_windows or Bios).I have set Bios on standard way (as allways do and never had these kind of problem).First I woud like to ask is there some special about this M/B and about bios for it. These are my indications. First my OS 98 ask driver for onboard device "PCI Management BUS" and there is no driver for that hardware on CD I get with my M/B.and it stays as Other device? in system_device manager.What I need for "PCI Management BUS" and if I don't need it can I disable it in bios.Second (and I don't know is that in conection with first problem) I can't play Warcraft III ( I didn't noticed that before but my sister try to insall and play but she instaled it but when the begginig intro ends the screen is black and You must restart system(hardware way).But when I install Warcraft III on my oldtimer machine (PII 350MHz,MSI 6151,HDD 6.4GB,Asus V7100 GeForce2 mx400) it works!!! slow but works (no black screen).Is that bios problem or OS problem or hardware problem (GPU). I installed directx 8.1 on PC's. Is there some special bios settings for Gigabyte 8ie M/B. Need advice fast.Thanks