40GB: luckytech p6ex3

BIOS update, EIDE card, or overlay software? (FAQ Hard disk recognition)
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i need to make my motherboard to recogine my HD 40 giga w.d or segat my mother board is luckytech p6ex3 and i can not find any ubgrade bios to it what can i do some of my freinds tell me i can make something in hard disk to make my mother board recogine my hard without ubgrade bios please tell me what can i do
thank you
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Lucky Tech were also known as Sinn Yung Tech (SYE), listed under "Manufacturer links". Unfortunately I cannot find any live links, but if you speak Hungarian you could try contacting the person who wrote http://lista.sulinet.hu/archive/techinf ... 00271.html
as there may be a later BIOS than you have.

If you want to make the 40G drive work without BIOS upgrade you will need a drive overlay utility to make the BIOS think the drive is smaller at boot. This should be available from the WD or Seagate website. You will probably then need to set user disc parameters in BIOS instead of autodetect, but check the instructions.

If you want the drive to work with autodetect I expect one of these nice gentlemen (like Rainbow) will patch your Award 4.51 BIOS if you send a copy. He did one for me and I'm very happy with it.
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What BIOS do you have?
I have this one for P6EX3:
Intel 440EX3 REV : C
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I have good solution for you. I also had this same problem. I solved it by first emailing the western digital tech support. The option is available in thier site. If you want I will sen you the copy of there reply that solved my problem. After that download the Data lifeguard tools from there site. This will surely solve your problem because i too had you mother board.

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But Rainbow is able to patch your Bios for native support for up to 64GB IDE HDD without having to use this crappy diskmanager software !
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