#28321 by AtullGupta
Sun Nov 14, 2004 7:10 am
Please help, I HAD a BIOS with the following settings of information:

Award Software Inc, ROM PCI/ISA BIOS
Version 4.51G
V.656VXD M3.4 08-25-1997

From looking at www.wimbios.com with the AWARD BIOS ID's, I found that the motherboard was a Jetway J-656-VXD with an intel VX chipset.

I proceeded to download the 'special' awdflash.exe file on this site designed for 656VX chipsets and the appropriate BIOS *.bin file, which was "vxd-m50.bin", as the version M3.4 above indicated.

I booted the PC with a DOS boot disk without any TSRs, and executed the awdflash.exe command using the command line: "Awdflash a:\vxd-m50.bin /SN/PY/CC/R" as directed on the jetway weblink from this site ( http://www.jetway.com.tw/evisn/download/update.htm )

The awdflash program executed, identifying the bin file and showing a progress bar filling white, and then the last 3/4 bars turned blue, before the PC went blank and remained so for about 5 minutes. Upon seeing no disk activity, I turned it off and on again.

Unfortunately, the BIOS has stopped working and all I now get is a blank screen. The floppy and hard disk lights come on, and the floppy seems to be capable of reading without any display on screen. Upon bootup, i hear two beeps in succession, followed by a low pitched "ta-dum" beep.

Looking at the forum posts, I believe my only recourse is to hot flash the BIOS chip - but I do not know how. I have tried to clear the CMOS via placing a jumper between the pins for 5 mins with the PC turned off, but this does not help. I am convinced that I used the correct BIOS file, and have since read the the awdflash program is notorious for reliability!

Can someone please advise on how I can get my BIOS back?

Many thanks, Atull