#40715 by KenH
Wed Sep 06, 2006 2:26 pm
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#40715 by KenH
Wed Sep 06, 2006 2:26 pm
Do any of the electrolytic capacitors look bulged on top instead of flat,
even just remotely bulged.? I'd still suspect bad capacitors as CP
I've lost count on how many boards I've revived by replacing most of
the capacitors on them, & I'm just a novice playing with this stuff for
If you do attempt to desolder some to test them, don't make the same
mistake I've made...
If there are places on the board that look like capacitors were marked
to go, but never used, color them in with black texta 1st before
de-soldering the one's that are there, you'll pull 9 to test them, then
realize there's places for 11 or so to go & think shite, what now...

I pulled 9 1000µF capacitors off a MS-6378 socket 462 board this
weekend just gone, all 9 were dead, some even spewed yellow goo
from under them yet look OK on top,
the board was given to me as it was dead, now I
have a working system...{ although no agp slot & 8mb onboard video
doesn't really excite me}{ hard to believe for a socket 462 board}

& just now thought I still have them plus some dead 1500µF pulled
from 5 acer veriton systems, so whilst writing this,I thought I'd test
a theory, sure enough, the dead ones I pulled wouldn't hold a 5v charge..
pulled some good ones out & found they held a charge even when
only connected for a split second...
In fact one of these dead ones got real hot just now connecting
5 volts to it for a split second so I wouldn't hold a charge on it for
much longer.
I've seen these things go off like a cracker...