Dead Board Tyan 2644n

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:?: This new board Tyan 2644n is dead. I flashed the BIOS with correct download and later. not then it wouldn't start ... nothing.. no video ..beep or anything. I traded the chips (running dual 1800's) video card nothing. All I get is the monitors little "you have no video" pic. Now I think this must be the BIOS because of the flash but I have had the same symptoms intermittently for weeks now..usually I can reboot a few times or turn it off for a bit and im back up and going. Any ideas please please do tell Im ready to send it swimming...Thanks
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If it works intermittently, I don't think it's the BIOS.
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If it's new, RMA it.

Just as a side note - If you're having problems with your motherboard, you might not want to flash until you resolve them.
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Make sure that you have strong enough power supply - it's VERY power hungry with dual CPUs - is that board for dual AMDs? 350W or even more might be required then.
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Yes the power is an issuse I resolved in the first week, went from 350w to 500w. I bought it 5 months ago and suppose I will send it back to TYAN.
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